ROM Fix LG G3 D857 Rooted [Free Download]

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ROM Fix LG G3 D857 Rooted [Free Download]
LG G3 Flash Pack refine the list:

Android Version 4.4.2
Free Download Rom Fix
Delete the original useless APP
(personal conduct)
Remove the extra tones, retain the classic,
my favorite has been added
Replace touch sound
Replace the font (font, whichever round)
did not add any third party software,
keeping ROM pure
10D so perfect retention function

Note: ROM memory to the memory card for the first time into the normal flash, flash a second time if you need to put on this ROM memory card removed, then the ROM over the memory card, you can flash into it again.

Download Link: Google Drive | Media Fire | Dropbox | | Mega Cloud | Pcloud | Pan.Baidu

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