ROM Fix LG G3 F400L/K/ S Rooted [Android Lollipop 5.0]

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ROM Fix LG G3  F400L/K/ S Rooted [Android Lollipop 5.0]
LG G3 Flashing Method: (Flashing before please backup your data to avoid losing)

to obtain Root privileges -> Root
the brush into the Recovery -> Recovery
to download a good brush pack discharge
built-in memory or external card
after entering the Recovery Wipe data
/ cache / dalvik turn Flash into
LG G3 ROM Description:
Based D85520A transplant production
In order to maintain stability rom No streamline
Modify the kernel to add support Root
Add Gordo location services / GPS second set
to add Re and task manager Manager
to modify all programs support split-screen display
repair external card reader is not a problem
localized to be updated ..

Flashing Note:
Please back up data before the built-in card brush. 1-3 turn into the brush and press:
F400L / K / S corresponding to respective display models
Model: com / s / 1c0AfHMK repair built-in memory can not be
written question (batch unzip open a key repair note open phone screen and USB
debugging authorization)
on incomplete Some
people say root software can not grant authorization can not be because the software
such as titanium backup can use the following
when you brush back to 4.4 from 5.0 the rom card after no signal needs to brush
into the baseband
http: //
when you revert back to 5.0
from 4.4 backup rom no signal needs to brush into the baseband
Download Link: Google Drive | Media Fire | Dropbox | Pan.Baidu

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