[Fixed ROM] Samsung Galaxy Note4 Style Note7 V22.0

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[Fixed ROM] Samsung Galaxy Note4 Style Note7 V22.0

Android Version: 6.0.1

ROM Size: 1.5G

Smooth and Stable

Model Galaxy Note4

Fixed ROM Support

Internet 4G LTE Support

Full Port from Note7

Download Link:

Google Drive




Mega Cloud


【How to Flash Samsung Custom ROM】

Note: 1, the line brush mode need to install the phone driver, the forum or Baidu first install the driver before you can continue the following steps.

           2, please confirm your CROM has been unlocked, if not please download and install the CROM.apk tool to complete the unlock process.

           3, please open the developer options in the OEM unlock option.

           4, card brush 6.0 ROM before brush at least once before the official 6.0 ODIN end package can continue.

1, make sure the machine has been brush TWRP or other third-party RECOVERY.

2, the ROM and the required patch file downloaded into the SD card.

3, turn on at the same time press and hold the power + HOME + volume up key to enter the Recovery.

4, to confirm the recovery is not (Team Win Recovery Project) or other unofficial Recovery, the following steps to TWRP as an example.

5, point Wipe button, and then AdvancedWipe button, select the DalvikCache, System, Data and Cache, note that here can not choose Internal Storage (internal SD card) and Micro SDCard (external SD card), of course, unless you do not want These data can be selected together. Finally, slide the lower slider to clear the data.

6, press twice to return to the main interface, click the Install button. Click on the top of the Storage to select the ROM you save the location, if it is an external card, select Micro SDCard (**** MB), click OK, then select N9200 _ ****. Zip, then slide the slide below Brush into the block, if necessary after the completion of the patch of oil can be directly press here to return to the need to brush into the patch file again.

7, restart the machine.

note: Before Flash This ROM Please do a the backup data to maintain the habit, so as to avoid data loss!

6.0 ROM after the first brush machine need to wait for a long time, it is estimated to be 10-15 minutes, please be patient.

How to Update Samsng Galaxy Note4 To Note7 Version 6.0.1 [free download]

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