ROM Menu Khmer Galaxy S5 SM-G906L Style S6 [Android Lollipop]

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ROM Description: ROM Galaxy S5 SM-G906L Fix All (Remove Korean App)

ROM Memu Khmer
Smooth and Stable
System Speed Fast
S6 Launcher
S6 Themes ChooserS6 App IconsEnable Network Auto Mode

(LTE,WCDAM,GSM Switchable )
Standard Khmer Operator APN
Standard Samsung Keyboard

With Khmer typing
Dial pad Standard International
(Call to every Country )
Default Wallpaper S6 and S6 Edge

File Type: tar.md5
Flash with Odin:

Download Link : Here Official Website
Dropbox | Mega Cloud | | Pcloud | Media Fire | Google Drive
Warning: After flashing done please follow these steps:

  1. Do a wipe factory reset
  2. Do a wipe cache partition.
  3. You’re done.
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