ROM Samsung SHV-E310S GALAXY Mega 6.3 Style Note7

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Rom Description:

[Free Download] Samsung SHV-E310S GALAXY Mega 6.3 Style Note7

This ROM is already test and it working 100%

ROM Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Style Note7

Android Version 6.0.1

ROM Menu Khmer

File type: ROM.tar.md5

Flash with Odin:

App Browser_Note 7

App Calculator_Note 7

App Calender_Note 7

App Camera_Note 7

App Clock_Note 7

App Contacts_Note 7

App Downloads_Note 7

App File Manager_Note 7

App FM Radio_Note 7

App Gallery_Note 7

App Messages_Note 7

App Music_Note 7

App Phone_Note 7

App Play Store_Note 7

App Settings_Note 7
Auto Internet Connection

Enable internet 4G LTE

System Speed Fast

Smooth and stable

Download Link:

Google Drive

Media Fire


Mega Cloud


Official Website [Free Download Fix ROM] download fix ROM for Free

Warning: Before using this ROM you should take a backup from your old device first because we don’t respond anything that cause your phone death or black screen so do it at your own risk. Thank you for using this ROM

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