[Fixed Rom] Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160S Style Note5

Note E160S 01 Note E160S 03 Note E160S 04 Note E160S 05 Note E160S 06 Note E160S 07 Note E160S 08 Note E160S

Read ROM Description:


Fixed Black signal on Status bar
for E160S !!
New system UI (Mode By KU)
Released 4 version (H+ , 4G , LTE, 5G)
New icon Note 5 for all stock app !
New Background Note 5
Default (Clear to see all font )
New Default Home Wallpaper ,
And Lock Screen Note 5
RAM usage optimized
System Speed Fast
Work Smooth and Stable
Rom Menu Khmer

Download Link

Google Drive

Mega Cloud


Media Fire



Server 1

Server 2

  Password here : JHHGFGGH%$%$#$$%^&%ffhghgjhjh998767


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