Rom Samsung Galaxy Note3 All Models Style S7 Edge Version 6.0.1

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Rom Description :

Rom Note3 Korean SM-N900L Style S7 Version 6.0.1

Rom Type: Tar.md5

Flash with Odin:

Samsung G9200 ROM ZCU2DPC1 the first edition of the official 6.0 Add marshmallows v10 automatic call recording support T9 Pinyin dialing, please brush into more optimized experience.

Samsung G9200 ROM presentation:
Call recording new incoming and outgoing documents classified display, convenient and recording needs friends classification management recording
New built-in battery charge percentage Custom

Rewrite Advanced Power key, currently the only one to realize the full Forum program, a 6.0 style Tap to appear five kinds of options (not two others appeared), relaxed and happy, welcome contrast try ~
Join DPI switch, you can always switch the screen freely Xpress overall display size (personally recommend tightening mode, very easy to use)
Personalize Join button light switch
Smart Manager to remove security threats
Personalize trimming
New status bar display switch carriers
New status bar displays the contents of custom operators
9250 Add a camera shutter sound switch
Join busybox

The status bar is amended as transparent style, removing official shadow
Break the multi-window limit, now all applications can be divided into multi-window screen open
A system to remove unwanted process, reduce the memory footprint
Add the dial pad to show ownership
Further streamlined a lot of useless programs
Browser Add an exit option
Come and go electric attribution
Lunar calendar displays and holidays
(If you are old driver, you can go directly to BL + CP single brush package in 5.1.1 on the basis of the brush into the BL + CP + new TWRP 6.0, and subsequently can brush card of the package, but I still recommend upgrading the official 6.0
in operation, if you did not understand this paragraph, it is recommended to ignore good ~ veteran, novice do not try!)

Mobile Guide 9208: Mobile version 6.0 firmware itself is not, but I found that after 9208 the mobile version can be perfect brush into Hong Kong version of the firmware (do not doubt the feasibility, N people have been tested …), as follows, first brush Hong Kong version ZHU2COJB Wujiantao (five pieces I did not find, found themselves with it), the Hong Kong version PC6 network disk painted one perfect package to boot after boot brush TWRP, then brush package can be, novice not made. .. I had to explain for a long time …


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